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Norstar front view office

About Us

Norstar Truckbeds is a family owned, operated, and created company. The founding brothers were farm raised and hard working throughout young adulthood. Eventually they each left the farm and turned their efforts to manufacturing. As the brothers worked their way through many major automotive manufacturing plants in the Detroit area, they were able to gain keen insights to productivity, efficiency, and quality control along with how to achieve such advanced manufacturing principals in large scale production from the floor level.

With over 55 years of first rate manufacturing experience between the brothers, NorStar has been founded with a seasoned and experienced team backed by new state of the art equipment and a new facility raised by their hands from the ground up – literally. These tools will allow the brothers to fully utilize their acquired skills in production, sales, procurement, accounting, and even administrative management.

Lean assembly line processes and pre-engineered bed designs scale the facility for high volume production and ensure high efficiency to keep prices competitive. The process begins with plasma-cut and precision machines components. Highly skilled welders then affix the components in precision jigs to ensure your product is built to spec. Then a revolutionary wash and powder coating system is employed to give each NorStar Truckbed a shine and durability unlike no other. Finally, each product is finished and trimmed out only to then undergo a rigorous quality inspection. This product is the culmination of years of experience and a dream that has finally united family members together under one roof.

This team is excited about their first venture allowing them to work together as family to provide products you can count on at a price that can’t be beat